In 1986, Gloria Steinem wrote that if men got periods, they ‘would brag about how long and how much’: that boys would talk about their menstruation as the beginning of their manhood, that there would be ‘gifts, religious ceremonies’ and sanitary supplies would be ‘federally funded and free’. I could live without the menstrual bragging – though mine is particularly impressive – and ceremonial parties, but seriously: Why aren’t tampons free?

jessicavalenti: We need to move beyond the stigma of “that time of the month” – women’s feminine hygiene products should be free for all, all the time.

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have you ever known somebody so shitty they completely ruin that first name for you?

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dad and mom

treat or trick

josh and drake

cheese and mac

stop that thank you

jelly and peanut butter

George and Fred

white and black

Juliet and Romeo

This is the most uncomfortable post on tumblr

The scariest thing about this post is that I couldn’t work out what was wrong for a good minute until I read them aloud because my brain automatically read them in their correct order 

Dean and Sam

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I think that if they make abortion illegal, they should make men deserting women who they got pregnant illegal as well. Because if a woman can’t back out of a pregnancy a man shouldn’t be able to either.


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Lessons from the Rain

Move on

two words I can’t manage to follow

a simple concept I can’t seem to grasp

I sit here listening to the rain, the thunder, 

watching the lightning and trying to learn 

from the storm how to move on

to leave behind the pieces of myself 

that are no longer me

(the memories I refuse to give up,

the beliefs I can’t let go)

and become something calmer

lighter than I am now. 

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the worst is when you’re reading a really good book that follows multiple characters’ stories and you love it 90% of the time until it periodically switches back to that one character’s story that you just could not care less about and it’s like an entire chapter of internal groaning while waiting for the plot to switch back to a character you actually care about

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